Authorized Warranty Service Provider

Since 2019, TCG has distinguished itself as the foremost service warranty provider for industry leaders such as Lenovo, IBM, and HP. Our commitment to excellence has been consistently recognized, with TCG receiving the prestigious Elite Premier Level award from Lenovo each consecutive year.


At TCG, our Technical Services team comprises certified and adept engineers dedicated to ensuring comprehensive resolution of all your technical concerns. With our proven track record and expertise, you can trust TCG to deliver unparalleled support and solutions tailored to meet your needs.

Business service:

Our solution is very simple, just give us the unit and we will do the rest

We offer free pickup and delivery
for the business in the bay area

Advance parts replacement.

Quicker turnaround than the manufacturer depot
services: 2-3 days vs 1-2 weeks.

Loaner system (ask for details)

Connect with us for warranty services

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