Lenovo Premier Partner

Lenovo is an innovative, international technology company formed as a result of the acquisition by the Lenovo Group of the IBM Personal Computing Division. As a global leader in the PC market, we develop, manufacture and market cutting-edge, reliable, high-quality PC products and value-added professional services that provide customers around the world with smarter ways to be productive and competitive. As of January 2015, Lenovo has shipped 100 million units of ThinkPad worldwide.

Technology consulting group (TCG), has been the premier partner of Lenovo since 1990 (with IBM prior the acquisition of Lenovo). TCG also has been awarded to be among the top 10 in the USA for the best in customer satisfaction for the past 12 years. As Lenovo’s Premier Partner, TCG delivers the best solutions for its customers by leveraging the manufacturer and vendor relationships which have become and industry benchmark for full-circle, complementary partnerships. TCG’s initiative is to help its clients by driving down the cost of doing business while getting the most out of today’s technology.