Asset Tracking/RFID

Reduce tax overpayment, regulatory non-compliance, and inefficiency through skilled asset management. We can assist you with our expertise in…

Fixed Asset Reconciliation

Physical Inventory Services

Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance

Managing your asset inventory can save you thousands of dollars a year. At TCG, we provide you with value-added services in tracking your fixed asset inventory. Let our years of experience improve your efficiency and bottom dollar.

Our Asset Tracking Solutions

iDNA Analysis

The fundamental goal of IT Asset Management is to capture each and every one of your assets. Anything less than 100% coverage requires analysis to determine if there are gaps in the program. If you’re not getting accurate or complete data out of your information asset inventory, then iDNA Analysis is for you.

At the end of our analysis period (typically 10 days), we’ll deliver a detailed report complete with 10 action-items to improve and upgrade your processes, statistical validation of data, and next-step instructions for urgent action-items. If you’re system is too basic for in-depth analysis, we’ll offer a suggested inventory template, as well as a strategy to populate your first repository. Organizations at every level of the ITAM Lifecycle can benefit from expert outside analysis.

Compliance Check

We have deep compliance experience. Whether it’s Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, internal regulatory requirements, taxation, or security, we can help. We can drop in and test your organization for compliance, build processes so you can stay compliant going-forward, or help you thrive in complex regulatory environments.

Spot Audit Test

Do you want to check up on your database’s accuracy? Using statistical methods, we can determine the minimum number of items needed to be scanned for an inventory template to ensure overall data accuracy. This method is a great solution for certain stringent compliance requirements.

Repository Refresh

The hard truth is that even the most carefully maintained repositories go out of sync with reality, regardless of the data scrubbing procedures used. TCG harnesses proprietary scan-routine technology to provide the lowest per-asset cost in the industry.

Fixed Asset Inventory

TCG specializes in performing wide-scale information asset inventories for IT. We have created custom scan-routines to allow us to scan barcoded assets at a rate of 5 times faster than the competition.

Data source Reconciliation

By linking together disparate data sources, using advanced database techniques and purpose-built in-house applications, we can create solid relationships between data that can be capitalized on for cash savings. We are able to link General Ledgers with an information asset inventory, and it is often possible to get actionable results from these links even in the absence of common fields, using manual reconciliation methods.

Catchpoint Labels

Catchpoint labels are high-quality, multi-part barcode stickers that facilitate better integration with procurement by allowing barcodes on outer packaging as well as on the asset itself. Each barcode has multiples, allowing for barcoding of shipping orders, assignment papers, or boxes from vendors that are integrated into your procurement process.


Technology Consulting Group also provide RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) services. With RFID technology, we can automate the process of physically inventorying assets, improve asset utilization, track the movement of assets in real-time. Our solutions are Secure, scalable and customized to meet your specific needs.

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