Storage/Backup & Recovery

Big Data is getting bigger, highly scalable and flexible storage is more important than ever. Technology Consulting Group LLC, Inc. offers a comprehensive suite of storage solutions for every need and budget. Our engineers have extensive experience in enterprise-class storage technologies from industry-leading manufacturers,

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Utilizing the latest and the greatest technology from VMWare, Citrix and Microsoft Hyper-V, We can offer the customer the most complete and customized solutions. We do believe that Virtualization is proven to deliver key business benefits, including increased server utilization, reduced real estate and energy costs, faster application provisioning, streamlined operations, and improved availability and disaster recovery.

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Security means protecting your intellectual property and data. Building security into you network is vital to protecting your valuable information assets.

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Unified Communication, VOIP

Unified Communications systems provide a networked communications platform that seamlessly integrates voice, data and applications, enabling people to exchange ideas and information in the most efficient way possible.

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