Mee Khieu

"I am very pleased with the service from Computer Guys. I find that everything that I have ordered exceeded my expectations. I have gotten real time help and products always get to me on time. You guys are really accommodating in providing me some emergency items on good faith before my PO was completed. I really appreciate that. You are also my IT tech guru. I often times go to you for new product questions and recommendations. I really appreciate the great customer service. You guys are so quick to repair items and seem to be on our side when dealing with the manufacturer. I especially remember you saving us $500 when the manufacturer reported the monitor broken when we shipped the laptop in for repair for something else. You disputed it on our behalf and we didn't get charge for the monitor fee. Keep up the excellent service."

Mee Khieu TIBCO Educations


Mee Khieu TIBCO Educations

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